Workplace Strategy Summit NSW 2018

The workplace holds the key to success. With competition growing across all sectors, attracting and maintaining the right talent is paramount, and the working environment is integral to achieving this.
With companies of all sizes investing in property strategies to evolve their workplace model, attention must also turn to the methodology which accompanies it. Technology, culture, workplace design and leadership are just some of the integral components to creating a workplace for success.

Key topics to be discussed
• Assessing your current workplace culture and environment
• Understanding your staff and linking to future planning
• Linking technology to staff engagement
• Creating a long-term property strategy
• How to measure impact of the new workplace and future planning


Target audience:
• Heads of Workplace Strategy
• Heads of Digital Workplace
• Heads of Human Resources
• Heads of Property
• Heads of Facilities Management
• Heads of Employee Wellbeing and Engagement

The agenda is currently being researched

Event Information

Date and Time

Tuesday 21st August & Wednesday 22nd of August
08:00- 17:00


Sydney CBD

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