4 Easy Ways to Increase Organisational Performance

Written by Mark Purbrick, Managing Director, Peoplogica



There are many levers required to increase organisational performance, most of which are not instantaneous solutions and all take a high degree of management commitment and planning.

However there is one very quick way to increase revenue, profitability and customer service levels and that is by improving one area within your most important asset, your people, your employees, your future.

Improving your Employee Experience (EX) does not cost much and yet it delivers unbelievably high ROI. So why don’t more management teams focus on this area when the returns are so high? Simply because they are either not committed to improving their people capital and/or they are afraid of giving their employees a voice and receiving feedback that they may find uncomfortable.

Here are a few quick and easy tips for increasing EX:

1. During the recruitment process do not exaggerate the benefits, the career path, the salary expectations and the culture. This is called the Psychological Contract. There is nothing more demoralising for an employee than finding out that most of what they were told during the recruitment process was in fact either highly exaggerated or blatantly false.

2. Have all managers conduct formalised Monthly One-On-One Meetings with the purpose of ensuring that everyone’s expectations are in alignment. Keep it simple. We recommend a maximum of 15 minutes with only four questions:

a. Tell me about your wins this month, what have you done that are you really proud of?

b. Tell me about any losses this month, what has happened that in hindsight you would now do differently?

c. Do you believe you are fulfilling your primary role expectations?

d. As your manager, am I providing you with the coaching, mentoring and leadership you need and expect?

3. Allow employees to provide anonymous feedback. We suggest an annual more expansive online survey covering all areas and then bi-monthly pulse surveys consisting of less than six questions on a particular area that requires improvement

4. Initiate a 360 Degree Leadership Development Program for all managers and supervisors, not just the executive level. Start developing leadership capability at all levels

These four very easy to implement suggestions will start providing an immediate lift in employee engagement and productivity levels for any sized organisation. It does not cost much to do but the returns are substantial, all it takes is management commitment and courage.