It starts with an opportunity.

With 30 years of experience working for leading events companies across Australia, we identified an opportunity to transform the typical business model. Events companies play a pivotal role in bringing key decision makers together but there are some common failings which we needed to overcome.

These include:

  • Limited research time which results in the key issues facing the delegate market not being properly addressed.
  • Events being created for the sole purpose of extracting as much revenue as possible from a particular market, without ever truly adding any value.
  • The typical conference format which creates a disengaged audience.

How we do things differently

After countless conversations with delegates, speakers and sponsors at events over the years, we decided to create Forefront Events to address the issues listed above. Whilst we don't claim to have the perfect answer, our desire for change will create a platform that brings the key stakeholders in a particular market together, to address the real issues in a collaborative environment.

How we achieve this

  • We focus on in-depth research to truly understand the issues and challenges facing the market
  • We bring together the key movers and shakers in a fun and interactive format, which leads to lively discussions at the event
  • We only invite leaders and practitioners who will add value to the discussion
  • We ensure the delegates' key challenges are addressed and they leave with learnings and takeaways to action on their return
  • We only bring on sponsors who add value to the conversation, and in return they will network with decision makers who are engaged in the topic

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