Boosting EX by ensuring Employee FIT

Written by Mark Purbrick, Managing Director, Peoplogica



I have not met anyone that has purposely employed someone so that they could fail …. and yet about one quarter of all new hires will not only be actively disengaged in the workplace, they will not meet minimum expectations.


But importantly, why does this happen?


Quite simply because some hiring managers are too obsessed with filling a seat and in reality they are just looking for someone they like; because if they like them they will be great … right? Unfortunately this is not always the case and in fact in the main, they will not be great!


They will certainly not be engaged, they will not provide discretionary effort and they will be very unhappy with the whole Employee Experience. Essentially what they were promised was not delivered. You promised them a job they would love, that they would excel in, but what they feel is disappointment and, in too many cases, workplace stress.


By creating High Performance Role Benchmarks based on the success attributes of your proven high performers, the selection process becomes fully aligned with a high level Employee Experience. The philosophy is quite simple:

  • Objectively identify and quantify the critical success attributes of each role using a validated psychometric assessment
  • Develop a Targeted Job Advertisement that includes the critical success attributes required to be successful and also answers the one fundamental question candidates want an answer to: “What’s in it for me?”
  • Measure candidate “fit” to the identified critical success attributes using a validated psychometric assessment
  • Select the successful candidate based on “fit” not “like”
  • Provide coaching, mentoring and training to the new employee that will attend to any potential barriers to success


By following the above highly effective process you will enjoy increased Employee Experience, increased employee engagement, increased employee productivity and up to a three-fold increase in the success rate of selecting a future high performer.


Implementing an advanced selection process that delivers increased EX is much easier than you would think, check out the online Hiring Manager Guide which provides everything you need:

  1. Role Benchmarks
  2. One-Page Position Descriptions
  3. Targeted Job Advertisements
  4. Job Applicant Screening
  5. First Interview Process & Questions
  6. Assessing Shortlisted Candidates
  7. Second Interview Process & Questions
  8. New Employee On-Boarding
  9. Employee Coaching & Mentoring
  10. Monthly One-On-One Direct Report Meetings


Start implementing the above today and you will be enjoying increased employee engagement and productivity levels within 60 days.