How Flinders University Created a Dynamic Digital Campus


Australia’s Flinders University wanted to offer a superior digital experience to its 27,000 students and more than 5,000 staff. That required a modern,
cloud-first IT environment, part of an overarching 10-year strategy called Making a Difference: The 2025 Agenda.

This visionary initiative prepares graduates for success in a dynamic and unpredictable future of constant technological innovation and disruptive
change. Fundamental to the 2025 vision is a five year digital transformation strategy, which includes moving up to 90 percent of the organization’s
applications to the cloud.

By delivering a personalized student experience and meeting the high expectations of young, tech-savvy digital natives, Flinders can deepen engagement throughout the student lifecycle, from prospect and
graduate to alumnus.f you’d like to know more.


In assessing its ambitious plan, Flinders recognized the critical need for integration to connect new cloud applications and existing legacy systems. Yet its integration capabilities were immature, ad hoc, point-to-point and manual. Flinders’ deputy CIO Nicole Fishers realized that the university’s lack of sophisticated, scalable integration capabilities would delay implementation of its cloud-first roadmap. Flinders needed flexible and easy-to-use cloudnative integration to quickly connect a portfolio of
cloud and on-premise applications.


Flinders found the answer to its integration challenges with Boomi’s low-code, cloud-native platform. Boomi, a Dell Technologies business,
addressed the university’s entire range of data and integration needs, including:

• Cloud-native integration
• Data governance
• Workflow automation
• API management

Boomi makes true digital transformation possible by easily and rapidly connecting applications, data and people. And, unlike other vendors Flinders considered, Boomi didn’t require a team of in-house developers with advanced technical skills. The university quickly ramped up a six-person integration team with no previous integration experience, which immediately began tackling a slew of integration projects.

In just a year, using Boomi, Flinders’ team migrated a large-scale student management system (SMS) and financial systems from on-premise to cloud
versions. The team reworked approximately 130 integrations
between these systems and other applications, including a learning management system, human resources, CRM and admissions system. With
Boomi, Flinders was able to:

• Reduce integration development time by at least 2X
• Support rapid deployment of integrations
• Streamline onboarding and lower administrative
• Serve as a foundation for a new integration
center of excellence

Building on its initial success, Flinders now uses
Boomi to enrich and streamline student experiences
by offering mobile-friendly, on-demand access
to educational resources and information across
multiple channels.