The shift from Customer Experience (CX) to Human Experience (HX)

Written by Matt Lathlean, Forefront Events



Customer Experience (CX) is in no way a new term, organisations have been playing the ‘customer centric’ card for decades. CX is defined as the interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship.

Human Experience (HX) is driven by concepts underpinning Human Centred Design (HCD). HCD is a framework that involves the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process by trying to focus on the end user, their needs and requirements.

So why should HX be a new thing? Surely organisations who are implementing a CX strategy would apply a human element to its design – it’s fundamental to its success!

In the past (not so distant) organisations had revolved their customer strategies purely around money, customers were seen simply as a number and a means to an end profit. However, most organisations have now diverged from this view with the impact of product quality drying up and buyer choice unrestrained.

Board Director’s and C-Suite are trying to remain relevant and profitable at the same time, applying a CX-HX approach improves engagement with customers and ultimately appears to come across more ‘human’.

Customers are no longer seen just as objects, stats or demographics on a balance sheet, they must now be viewed as ‘humans’ who we interact and engage with.